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Gardening can be very therapeutic as well as symbolic. Seeds are planted into fertile soil, watered and they eventually push through the soil to reveal new growth. But eventually the new growth blossoms, the roots spread underneath and the plant seems to be growing out of control. The plant has outgrown the pot it was birthed in. A larger pot is needed. This beautiful plant now is housed in a pot that can accommodate its growth, so it continues to flourish. But then something happens. The plant continues to blossom, the roots continue to spread and eventually they begin to peek through the bottom of the pot. The next thing you know, the roots are growing out the bottom! The plant has outgrown the pot is housed in, again!

As we go through our seasons in life, we find ourselves outgrowing our present circumstances. We are learning and growing as we go through life. We are overcoming, navigating, and coping with all sorts of circumstances. As a result, we we have acquired experiences, skills, and insight that helps take us to that next level we often hear about!

Sometimes, this comes at a cost. But when you are on a moving train, forge ahead!

Everyone is not always on board when change and growth comes. Some will want you to stay right where you are because they may not be growing or may not desire to grow! This can become a dilemma because you don’t want to leave friends and family behind. You don’t want to appear ungrateful or appear to forget about those who have been in your life but if they are not willing to grow, you must make some difficult choices. So much has been placed inside of each of us. Sometimes it is said that everyone can’t go where you are going. When you get on that train, you must move forward and embrace your destiny! You have worked hard, you have made sacrifices, you have earned the opportunities that are yet to unfold in your life. This requires you stepping out of your comfort zone and into a new zone that will, eventually be another comfort zone that you will step outside of in the future. Transformation is such a beautiful thing! That’s the moment you find out who you are and what it is that you have been purposed to do and or be! You are being planted in a new pot, a pot that can accommodate your new growth. Spread your wings and soar!

People who have known you all your life, know you in a specific light. It may be hard for them to support your journey, your growth, your transformation.

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