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He Kept Me

He Kept Me

It was a cold November day and I recall the paramedics having to cut my clothes off to determine if I were bleeding or if there were signs of internal injury.

It was not until a few weeks that I learned that my car was the first of 11 vehicles hit by that same SUV. The police report indicated the SUV hit the rear of my car at 85 mph. Insurance companies can be a bit insensitive at times. Still broken, bandaged, dizzy and weak, I managed to get a ride to the junk yard. That was a long ride! Figuratively speaking as it was the first time I was in a car after the accident. Upon arrival, I visually searched for my vehicle as I couldn’t walk extremely far at all. As I looked, I could see the expression on the person’s face who gave me a ride to the junk yard. I was instructed to look to my right. As I did, I nearly collapsed. The entire back half of the vehicle was shattered. The roof was bent and caved in. The only part of the car that was somewhat in tack was the driver’s seat. The car was barely recognizable.

There is a saying that God places a hedge of protection around us. I associate a hedge with yard space. Hedges usually surround the property line of a home. God did not place a hedge of protection around me. He held me in the palm of His hands. The only part of the car that was not severely crushed was the driver’s seat where I was sitting. I always sat close to the steering wheel when I drove. The doctor said if my seat were further back, I would have been killed. I know without a doubt, God brought me through that near-death experience for a reason. This journey is part of that reason. I call that day my 2nd birthday. I vowed to spend each day, with the breath I am given, to speak life into others. To do what God has equipped me to do. To encourage you to do what God has equipped you to do. You see, God brings us through near death experiences or illnesses for a reason. He wants to show us that He always has us in the palm of His hand. We in turn must share the testimony so that others can experience the depths of His love, protection, and provision for us. No matter your circumstances. No matter how devastating, if you are living and breathing, that means God brought you through and has given you a testimony! Testify about His goodness! Testify about His love! Testify that with God, all things are indeed possible. Testify! Be encouraged! Embrace the journey!

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