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Know Your Value

You may have heard the story (and there may be more than one) of the thieves who entered a jewelry store in the dark of night and switched the tags on the priciest of jewels. They returned the next day and purchased the valuable jewels at a considerably less price. The high-priced jewels were undervalued! Are you undervalued? Do you know your value? Do you demand that others know your value? Many times, there are gifted, talented people who have an abundance of knowledge, wisdom, and information to offer. An abundance of people who add value to the lives of those they encounter. Yet these people, often go unrecognized, and underappreciated. Many times, they themselves do not understand their own value. You have value and you need to identify what that is and how you can utilize it to add increase to those around you.

Self-value can be a difficult thing to identify because we have been conditioned to be modest and humble, which, indeed has its place. However, when it comes to your gifts, talents, skills, and abilities, what is your value? This is a lesson I recently have learned as well. There are gifts that I have organically used for so long, they have become my norm. Because of that, I did not realize that these are skills that can be translated into a stream of income. For those Bible scholars, I believe there may be a verse or two that speaks to our God-given talents and gifts. We are charged to be good stewards of these gifts and talents and to use them wisely. For me, that translates into using what comes naturally, using what you already have, giving it opportunity to grow so that you can prosper!

In recent years, I have loved going to craft fairs or strolling around the city square on Saturday morning going from vendor to vendor. All of which are displaying and selling their crafts. Wood makers, candle makers, bakers, farmers, all with something they have created, and are now transforming into a stream of income. They know what it took to bring that wood craft, candle, baked good or farmed item to fruition. Therefore, they know the value! What does it take for you to sharpen your craft!? What does it take to polish your gift or talent?! It takes training. It takes preparation. What and how much do you have to invest in order to perfect your gift?! Know your value and demand that others know it too!

I am Paula G Voice! I am a sagacious independent lifestyle influencer. I am embracing my own journey and I am sharing a soliloquy of seasons on the journey. I am influencing dreamers to do the same by breathing life into their vison and ultimately living the reality of that vision! It is never too late to embrace your journey and live your dream! Visit Paula’s Blog at for additional soliloquies of the journey

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