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The Children

It appears our most precious gifts has been thrown into the political arena. How low can you go? Using our children and fear for political gain. Some may see it otherwise, but as I stated at the top of this section, just my thoughts. As a retired educator, I still engage in conversation with fellow educators. They were sharing their “first day of school” experiences. Most indicated that they had no issues with the students wearing a mask on the first days of school. The students were happy to be back among their classmates and teachers. The issues that arose around the school day were the usual chattering and lingering in the halls in between classes which promptly made them late for class. Not picking up trays in the cafeteria when they leave the table. Cell phones out when they should be off. The usual school environment challenges.

It wasn’t until later in the following week that issues arose with students refusing to wear a mask. Some stating, very eloquently why they were refusing to wear a mask. Thus, the shift occurred and now educators are tasked with the distraction of mask encounters instead of doing what it is they are there to do teach. We wonder why so many good educators are leaving the profession. We wonder why there is a shortage of teachers. They are in between a rock and a hard place, that impossible place. Chastised by the parents who want students masked. Chastised by parents who do not want their children masked. Teachers just want to teach. They did not endure years of education and training to spend the school day as a referee. Also, what happened between those first days of school and the week(s) to follow. Why did the students change their stance on wearing a mask? Who spoke into them? Where do we go from here? Just some thoughts.

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