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Where Are You on Your Journey?

What is it that you always wanted to do? Where is it that you have always wanted to go? Are you in the process of getting there? Where are you on your journey?

There are things in life we have all wanted to do at one point or another! Goals! Dreams! Desires! Life started, life happened, and some of us are now in a season of looking back and saying, where did the years go? Time flies! We have heard that before. I would suggest to you to determine where you are on your journey and what will it take for you to reach your destination.

Those of us who are in, what would be considered our winter season, probably have more years behind us than we have in front of us. However, that is not a cause for us to stop living. The contrary! That is cause for us to steer steadily toward that bucket list and check those boxes! Live! Travel (as best you can in the season of a pandemic), thrive! Pick up where you left off and live the life of your dreams!

For some, you may have more years ahead of you than you have behind you. What a glorious place to be! Is there something in your future that you desire to accomplish? What can you do now in order to propel toward that season? What can you do now to prepare for that season?

I always use the example of someone who desires to open their own bakery but, are not in the season to fully do so. As they prepare for that season there are several things they can do. Marketing is a huge part of owning your own business so taking a marketing course is a great way to prepare while waiting for the season to unfold. Family, friends, colleagues, are great people to bake for! This is an opportunity to develop the menu for the bakery! Have a new recipe? Try it and serve it to family and friends, get feedback. Perhaps there is a gathering in which everyone needs to bring a dish. Bring several baked goods and see what kind of response you get! You may be on the verge of developing that menu for the bakery! Join a business group on social media group or a meet up group that has the same interest. The sharing of similar ideas and interests can also help to expand your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to own your own business. Low and behold before you know it, the years have passed, and all your preparation has placed you in the pathway of opening the doors to your bakery!

Use time wisely! Time is precious! It is the one thing that you cannot get back. A dear elderly member of my church said something to me years ago that has really stayed with me. She said “don’t’ get prepared, be prepared”. Those of you who believe in the power of prayer, prepare for what you pray for because when the answered prayer arrives on your doorstep, you want to be able to open the door to the opportunity.

This may also be a time for rest. There may be things occurring that do not lend themselves to preparation or walking in full destiny. It could be illness, family challenges, or other areas that may create the scenario for a season of a rest. A season of rest until one is able to resurrect and resume the journey. Sometimes in the season of rest, clarity can occur. Sometimes in the season of rest, redirection can occur as a result of being able to be still and look at the big picture. A season of rest requires patience and understanding of the value of the season. Some may view it as a waste of time. Some may feel that the time could be better spent but sometimes, we do need to stop. We need to stop, rest, regroup, rejuvenate, and re-evaluate before we can move forward! You may find that once you have gone through your season of rest, the motivation, transformation, and excitement about what the future holds, is pleasantly overwhelming!

Where are you on your journey? Wherever you are, embrace it for what it is and remain steadfast and hopeful. As long as I you are living and breathing, anything is possible! Be encouraged.

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