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So You Want to Be on Television

Television! Television? So, you want to be on television? Embrace the journey! Now what does it take? A lot! Prayer! Preparation! Let’s take a look at what it takes:

· Do you have a concept? What is your platform? What is it that you have to say and how will you relay it to our audience?

· Who is your audience? Who is it you are speaking to? What is it that they need and need to hear?

· What is your program format? How will you open your show? Commercials? Music? Script?

· What day and time will your show air? Commit to that day and time because your audience will expect to tune in each week to your show

· Name? What will your show be called? Does the name reflect your brand or your platform?

· Where will your show be aired? What platform? Terrestrial or Internet?

Questions that need to be pondered over and answered before embarking on this journey!

My journey to television started in 2018 with a word from the Lord. No, He didn’t speak to me, he spoke to the one and only Jerry Royce Live. God placed the concept of a TV talk show on the heart of Jerry. At the time, Jerry had no place to air the show. He just took a leap of faith and created “My Journey with Paula G.” However, it didn’t’ start out as a show specifically for Paula G. Jerry wanted to create a TV talk show with a variety of hosts each season. He asked me to assist with the initial season and host. 13 episodes! We did it! It was a marathon. It was a learning experience. It was great fun but a lot of work. Once we finished taping, Jerry went to work on the editing. He then saved the episodes and tucked them away. We still had no where to have these shows aired.

I got a call from Jerry a few weeks later. He stated that God spoke to him and indicated that I should be the host for this show. The rest, as they say is history. Fast forward a few months and I can’t even remember how the connection was initiated. I met with the underwriters at WATC-TV 57 in Atlanta and God opened a door! WATC was looking for new content on WATC TOO! Look at God! We just happened to have a show! We aired our first season in 2018 and were recognized by Dr. Fred Newsome! Our first year we received the Newsome Award for Outstanding Programming! All the questions that I challenged you with, we answered before we engaged in launching this show, with the exception of having a platform. I encourage you to follow your dreams if a television show is what you desire. You have a journey, you have a voice, we all have a journey and a voice. Speak power to your platform and embrace your journey!

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