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Lady Wisdom

Paula G Voice aka Lady Wisdom, is a radio and TV personality, voice over talent, lifestyle print model, commercial actor, media correspondent, author,  and blogger.

She has transformed her life and shows others how to do the same through her modeling, acting, voiceover,  blogposts, automated courses, radio and television programs. You see that is the journey! That is the transformation! 

 "My Journey with Paula G"

The journey continues……..

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Recent Print Model Digital Publications that feature Paula G

Emory Ad Senior Ladies_edited.jpg
Images of Paula G's print model work in Time Magazine
US Dept of Health.jpg
The cover of On Health magazine displaying Paula G and her print model partner Greg Lockett
Walmart ad with model Paula G
CNBC article reflecting models Paula G and print model partner Greg Lockett

Voice Over services by Paula G
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Paula G invites you on a transparent jagged journey from who she was to who she is today. Childhood challenges, the marriage and military dynamics, a life threatening detour, the devastation of divorce, a fierce fight to a phoenix resurrection. Embrace the journey through the thought-provoking pages with insight that can steer you through your obstacles and on to your own purpose to define your “I am.”

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Unlocking a negative mindset to create a new narrative that makes way to transform your life, and fulfill those dreams and goals.
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