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Many thanks to my guest this week:
Expanding the mindset through worldwide conversation
This week:

Expanding the mindset through worldwide conversations

This week:

Much love to my guest this week personal trainer and business owner Terry Gatewood!:

Please share this episode! Do you know what you should eat prior to a work out? How soon should you eat after a workout

The Fitness Journey with Terry Gatewood, owner/operator Physique Refinements. Make sure you visit his website

Fitness nuggets this week:

When looking for a personal trainer, seek one who listens to your needs and concerns.  He/she then takes those needs and concerns and does an assessment so that a specialized program can be developed just for you!

Weight training keeps you young! That's what he said! :)

Form and posture are important

No excuses not do do some form of cardio!

Train around sore muscles

Celery juice????

Get paper and pencil, click the link, and take some notes! Embrace your fitness journey!

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Get paper and pencil, Click to listen... take some notes:o)

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Embrace the journey!

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Are you thinking about starting your own podcast?  Maybe you want to produce your own television show or host your own television show.  How do you get into Voice Over? Thinking about writing your own book?  This week, I share my journey on how I have made it thus far. Yep, paper and pencil.  You'llneed it.  Also, click and get our challenge for 2020! I'm challenging each of you! Enjoy the journey! See you 2020!

Tune in Wednesdays 8:30-9:30 pm EST

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Embrace the journey!

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