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I am living the statement that it is never too late to be who you dream about being.  I am walking in what I have dreamt about being and encouraging others to do the same.  Setting the example!

I am a radio and television host, author, and influencer and I am navigating this journey called life!

The greatest conversation you will ever have is the one that takes place in between your ears. What are you speaking to yourself? What is your "I am?".  Speak it and live it!

Thank you all! We are so appreciative for the generosity of our supporters and underwriters who have given generous financial support to this journey! Because of their wonderful support, we are able to provide quality faith-based programming in the form of “My Journey with Paula G.”


This award-winning TV talk show gives independent artists, authors, entrepreneurs, producers, and visionaries, a platform to share their journey. Through their personal testimonies, these individuals can inspire, and encourage, the audience to walk in their own destiny. We all have a journey, we all have dreams. We all deserve the opportunity to stir up the gifts and walk into the destiny God has ordained for each of us. Due to the growing support of so many, the journey has begun!  


A heartfelt thank you to the following supporters and underwriters for making the journey possible. A sincere thank you to each one of you. Praying God’s blessings over each of you as you seek your own journey! Peace and Blessings.


Jeanne Nutter                               Tony Ferguson

Vince and Sarah Ferguson                                Tinker Foster

Donna Gilmore                                  Pauline Grady

Walteen Grady                                  Robert and DeLaine Headen

Dr. Paul and Marcia Kelly                               Sarah Love-Powell

Gwen Mason                                     LaFonya Mayfield

Karen Nelson                                           Richard Rhoden Sr

Kingsley, Sackey                                            Maxine Wright

Elgin Montgomery                                   Randy Melton

Annette Purnell

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