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Conception to Completion

I recently saw a post that listed the 6 morning habits of Black millionaires. Now I’m not sure of the source and I imagine the 6 habits could also apply to anyone.

1. Meditation and Prayer

2. Create a “power” list

3. Move your body- exercise!

4. Make a good financial decision

5. Read an article that makes you smarter

6. Strengthen a relationship

7. Practice- I added that one! Practice makes perfect!

I think the point is that from the time an idea is conceived in the mind, there are steps that need to be taken in order to bring that idea into reality, to completion. I would also suggest the following characteristics that one should consider:

1. Patience-difficult to do in this microwave society

2. Perseverance-things happen! Get over it!

3. Persistence – you ever see that post of the man digging a tunnel and gives up within inches of his breakthrough?

4. Discipline- PRACTICE! Regardless of the dream on the journey, you have to practice! Opening a restaurant? You have to practice making the various dishes! Looking to be a coach or public speaker? You have to practice your elevator speeches or platform topics upon which you are speaking. It doesn’t matter! PRACTICE is pertinent!

I’m not big on statistics. That may be an area I need to practice! It’s been said that a large percentage of new or prospective businesses fail, ultimately, because people give up! I’ve heard of entrepreneurs being turned down literally hundreds of times before they finally got the “yes” they needed in order to achieve the success of completion! If all of us gave up learning how to walk because we kept falling down, we would all still be crawling around like the babies we were! I know that example is a bit much, but you all understand where I am coming from. Failure is not an option; it is just an element on the path to success.

You may have seen her on NBC’s The Voice a few seasons ago, 4 chair turn! Singer, songwriter, producer Sandy Redd! Sandy has said that “there is no Plan B.” I have always loved this about her. She gives 100% and beyond to her career because she is determined to pursue the manifestation of her music career. Thus far, her journey is shining!

When I was in grad school, one of the classes centered around selecting a topic for our thesis. The professor indicated that we should select a topic we were passionate about even in our sleep. She stressed this because she said that some days, the only thing that will keep us from not giving us, is our passion for the topic! She was soooo right! I am a witness!! Ladies! Gentlemen! Press onward! Don’t’ rush the process! Each step from concept to completion, has meaning. There are lessons to be learned that contribute to the desired end result. It’s not a microwave process. You are going to have to let this dream marinate, simmer, and slow cook until it’s perfectly done and is as right as rain! A rushed process will unravel at the seams. But a tried and true process, will stand the test of time and will make the journey to completion, that much sweeter.

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