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This Too Shall Pass

There are times in our lives that we all may have experienced at least once! It’s that time when……. you can fill in the blank. A time when pain consumed you, fear consumed you, anger consumed you, grief consumed you…and so on! Consumed you so much that you could not see life or normalcy on the other side of that experience.

I recall a friend experiencing a loss so great, many of us, not only the friend, but many of us, could not see life on the other side of that experience. How were they to move on? No one had a clue! No one had encouraging words because no one could imagine or formulate what that would look like. Now, years later, a transformed new life! A life filled with joy, new relationships, new experiences, and one filled with a future so bright, you need a pair of sunglasses just to take a glance! When we find ourselves in the midst of perilous times, the rainbow at the end seems impossible. When we find ourselves in perilous times, we often struggle to navigate those emotions and feelings. Navigating emotions and feelings in the midst of the circumstance is a vital part of how we emerge. You may see a common theme in many of my blogs. That theme is navigating that conversation in between your ears. If I have learned nothing else in life, I have learned that dealing with feelings and emotions in the moment is essential for how those feelings and emotions manifest in our future. You have to ride them out! Don’t’ bury them! Ride them out! Yes! I know! It may be painful, and it may be easier to avoid them rather than face them. However, today’s avoidance manifests into a lifetime of echoes that ripple throughout our lives.

When we wake up each morning, we each have an opportunity to do something with the next 24 hours that we are given. If you find yourself in a painful season, you need some healthy edifying way to process through that pain. I know that may sound a bit strange. Positive past memories can sometimes help to ease pain. Music, writing, exercising, therapy, giving yourself permission to cry, whatever is needed! There is so much out of our control, within the world that we all reside. The one thing that is in our control is how we choose to navigate through tough times. This is a lesson; I have had to re-learn as of recent. I have found myself so distracted by the negative that I lost sight of what lies beyond the moment. If there is some experience that you can now reflect on, an experience that you thought you would never get through, reflect on that journey! How did you navigate? What would you do the same? What would you do differently? Whatever the current dilemma, hold on, keep the faith…. this too shall pass.

I am Paula G Voice! I am a sagacious independent lifestyle influencer. I am embracing my own journey and I am sharing a soliloquy of seasons on the journey. I am influencing dreamers to do the same by breathing life into their vison and ultimately living the reality of that vision! It is never too late to embrace your journey and live your dream! Visit Paula’s Blog at for additional soliloquies of the journey

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