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Lady Wisdom Revealed Journey

Lady Wisdom Journey

You never know who is watching! You never know how you impact others. Whether you are a radio and tv personality or just walking daily life, you never know who is truly observing.

My deal sister in radio, Gospel recording artist Shay Samuels coined the phrase “Lady Wisdom After Midnight” during a season in which I joined her and other hosts for a late-night radio show…after midnight. It was interesting because I have always prayed for wisdom and discernment and here, I was, being deemed “Lady Wisdom.”

Wisdom and discernment gives you understanding of how to handle situations. Discernment gives you the ability to know what do. We spend so much time pondering over decisions and struggling with making the right choices. It can be overwhelming. Sometimes you have to sit and ask the one greater than yourself, for direction. It will be granted to you. As I have sought direction from The Almighty, He has indeed shown me a few things.

Firstly, we have to be still and be intentional about seeking direction. Some feel that during this season of the pandemic, that we are currently immersed in at the time of this writing, God has orchestrated this worldwide “shutdown” in an effort to gain our attention. Our d

istractions have been removed, we have been homebound and forced to slow down the hectic pace of our lives. It is in this time that many of us have had the opportunity to simply be still and listen to that still small voice, giving us direction, and wisdom. There have been and continue to be distractions that we stumble over. The obstacles that hinder us as we seek to find some peace and seek direction. The wise decisions and wise choices are fogged over by “noise” literally and figuratively speaking. Even though many are working from home and have been some

what isolated for months, we still find ourselves distracted and busy. Too busy to take some time to see what it is that is being revealed to us. I offer 4 suggestions to assist in finding the “quiet” so that you can hear. Whether it’s during a pandemic or other chaotic season.

1. Unplug – This is a must! No way around it! We have to find the place and space to slow down stop and rest our mind, body, soul, and spirit. To be able to stop physically is easier than stopping mentally. While we may be physically resting, our mind is still swirling with thoughts. Begin to intentionally unplug mentally, Meditate, pray, and seek to intentionally turn off your brain for a while and rest from the multitude of thoughts that seem to dominate the space in between our ears.

2. Embrace nature- now some of you may not be fond of the outdoors but it can do wonders! You just have to find what works for you. For some it is the mountains, for some it is the lakeside, for some it is the ocean. A walk through the park or sitting out on a patio overlooking the lawn or woods or whatever is back there. When you get in a space where you are surrounded by nothing but the natural creations, it helps to melt away the stressors of society. Think about it, close your eyes, and think about sitting on the beach, maybe even at night. Listening to the ebb and flow of the waves. Seeing the stars shining brightly above in the sky. Or maybe it is the mountains, and you look around and see the trees, the birds, maybe deer. I often think to myself “this is amazing!” Here these animals seem to thrive. Their environment appears to supply all their needs. If God cares for the birds in the trees, the deer running through the forest, surely, He will care for us! I digressed a bit, but my point is, getting close to nature helps us to get close to The Almighty, from there we can find peace, calm, and clarity.

3. Seek knowledge- Knowledge is power they say! When you know better, you do better. Some of us have learned this growing up. As we journey through our daily lives there is so much visually and audibly that is thrown at us. We have so much information swirling around in our minds, it can be difficult to make a wise and informative decision about anything! Some have become so skilled at deception they have managed to cause others to believe a lie, as truth! This can be extremely dangerous as we navigate toward our future. Are we making sound decisions based on deception or based on truth? That is a difficult call. Seek knowledge and seek it from multiple reliable, tried, and tested, resources.

4. Look inward- A journey inward can be a difficult one because we may often not like what we see. However, as we travel through life, an inward journey is essential in order to engage in future relationships that thrive. Relationships on all levels, plutonic, romantic, family, friends. Many of us seek companionship so desperately that we often make unwise decisions based on who we are and where we are at the moment. Many times, we carry so much baggage into our relationships, it weighs, not only us down but the people around us. What are some areas that you need to work on? What are some areas that, if improved, your relationships would improve? Just a thought.

As we journey through life, if we are wise and gain from the lessons learned, we can walk into the fullness of who it is that we truly are. The essence of who we were created to be is revealed. The question is, are we willing to take the necessary steps to reach that destination? Just a thought.

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