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Life After Divorce: Wouldn’t Trade Nothing for My Journey

“If you had to do it all over again, would you?” I could be wrong, but I think we all get that question in some form or fashion throughout our lifetime. “When I look back over my life and I think things over…” some of you are familiar with that line as well. Who I was, shaped, who I am.? I am no longer who I was, and I am often reminded of that. “Paula, you have re-invented yourself.” Yes, you could say that. The re-invention was not as a result of a terrible life. The re-inventions were a result of the hand life dealt me. I had to change the game with the cards of life that I had in my hand. However, I have to admit that I came close to throwing in my hand but that was only for a brief moment! We ALL can go back and forth and share how challenging, traumatic, devastating, or perilous our respective journeys in life have been thus far. Don’t’ get me wrong, I am not discounting anyone’s experience. Life has a way of trying to destroy us sometimes. However, we all have arrived at the point of laying eyes on this reflection. So that means that one way or another, WE made it! Take a minute and give God praise for that!..........

I never, ever, ever, never, ever imagined life as a single woman or divorcee (I still cringe at that word) but here I am! So!! I have a choice, wallow in “woe is me” …or rise to the challenge and the opportunity to reinvent Paula! I rise! That is the conversation I had with myself years ago as I found myself on the threshold of returning to single life. Whether you are a man or a woman standing currently on that threshold, you have that same opportunity. I know! You not trying to hear that right now! Been there! Done that! The details of that journey are perhaps for another conversation. Just know that, the cliché “time heals” will indeed arrive in due season. When it does, read Habakkuk 2:2-3, get pen and paper, write the vision, reinvent, and embrace your journey!

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