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Power of Your Voice

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The greatest conversation that you will ever have is the one that takes place in between your ears. What are you speaking to yourself? What is your “I Am?’

We often allow ourselves to be defined by societal standards or the expectations of others. As a result, some of us live lives where we feel trapped! Trapped in the expectation of others. Trapped in a movie where the rewind button is stuck and there is no way for us to fast forward into our own appointed future. However, there comes a time where we become sick and tired of being sick and tired! We begin to use our own voice, walking our own path, charting the course of our own lives, defining what we stand for. They say this comes with wisdom and age! That may very well be true, however, it also comes with devastating life experiences. Life experiences that may leave echoes of anxiety, hurt, and anger. Whenever it comes, grab it fiercely. Speak your mind! Use your voice, use it effectively! Use it so effectively that your message resonates in the ears of those who need to hear it. Use it effectively so that when it resonates, it will move the powers that be, to make the changes necessary to move our society forward and unite us as the human race. Use your voice and embrace the journey! Just my opinion, as is all of this. I hope it helps somebody. Until next time…embrace the journey.

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