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The Mountaintop Journey

The journey to the mountaintop is always riddled with experiences that helped to get us there one way or another. There were victories, setbacks, distractions, triumphs, challenges, and if we were wise, we certainly gained some nuggets of knowledge that have contributed to the arrival at the place of our dreams, goals, and accomplishments.

It’s pause for a time of reflection to look back over the journey and be grateful.

The view from the top is extraordinary! Magnificent! What a feeling! There has been so much inside of you that you desired to set free. You have had the opportunity to create, develop, and grow your dreams or goals. Congratulations! Savor the moment!

What is your next step? What else is in store for you? When reaching such goals, there is also a responsibility, that I believe, comes with it. Reaching back to help someone else on their journey. Whether you formally mentor someone or you are present to support them if they need, you are a valuable source of information! Legacy is valuable! There was a young lady recently who bravely stepped out to take a stand for what she believed in. She was chastised by those in authority and shunned by her peers. Yet she took the stand and remained consistent in her belief. Her actions were a result of the legacy of the late Civil Rights Activist and Congressman John Lewis and his challenge to stand up for what you believe in and get into “good trouble” in the process. Imagine, your legacy, moving the next generation to change, change for the better, change to make a difference. Setting an example of leadership and what it takes to persevere is a great means of inspiring the next generation of great leaders.

When we look at the stories of successful men and women, we see aspects of their journey to success. They often share their setback and perhaps one or two incidents that stand out so much, that those experiences become signature. Those experiences, out of all the lifetime experiences, those particular experiences are the ones we remember the most. Our world is constantly changing and sometimes it is exceedingly difficult to remain focused on your mountain top journey! Each time you encounter an obstacle, it can seem insurmountable, but you must keep pressing forward. I often have those experiences, but I find that when I power through those moments, there is a sense of accomplishment. Accomplishment that I am one step closer to my goals. Sometimes we may feel like we are all alone, dealing with so many challenges. That’s why it is good to share some of these experiences because we then realize we are not alone, and we truly are all in this together. We may be at different vantage points, but we are all in this together. Continue to dream, continue to strive, continue to beat the obstacles, continue the path to your mountaintop! What legacy will you leave? How will your journey impact the next generation?

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