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The Refelction of Your Journey

Looking Back

With age comes wisdom. As I reflect on this journey called life thus far, there are a few things that have remained with me and assist me as I continue to grow and learn. Yes, as long as we are living and breathing, we have the opportunity and obligation to continue to grow and learn.

Do not allow the opinions of others to validate how you feel about yourself. We all may have experienced this at one point in time or another. We ask the question “what do you think?” or “do you think this is….” or “do you think I should.” Some of us have acted on what others think. The problem is “others” may not have our best interest at heart. There may have been times when someone’s response plante

d, doubt, insecurity, and feelings of failure within our spirit. We may have carried that or are still carrying that. Here’s the thing, there response may not have ANYTHING to do with you directly. Their negative response may have been a result of how THEY were feeling at the moment. Projecting those feelings on to you. You have carried those negative feelings around for ages,

thinking you were the problem, or something was not quite right with you! Projection can be damaging! Projection i

s often a result of someone’s own inner struggles. jealousy, resentment, etc. Do not allow the opinions of others to validate how you feel about yourself. Their negative opinions may be a self-reflection of THEIR inner turmoil.

Do it and do it afraid. I remember when I first heard that saying, it was from Joyce Meyer. She was encouraging her audience to step out on faith and do those things that God has called them to do. Our calling will place us outside our comfort zone. Those who are bold enough to take that leap of faith, often find the rewards are ultimately plentiful. A leap of faith is sprinkled with disappointment and rejections along the way, but you have to continue to press forward! Power through the disappointments and failures. I was recently inspired by a post I saw where a recording artist had endured years of rejection only to arrive, currently at the threshold of success and plentiful bookings. It is a journey. We are constantly evolving as the world turns. No pun intended but it’s true!

Sometimes you have to cut some things out of your life to make room for new growth. You may feel that you have to keep holding on to the old because you are afraid to let go. You are afraid of what it may look like. You are afraid of what others may think. You cannot be afraid to let go and start over. It is frightening. It may not LOOK like what you want it to, or the situation may first appear worse than it was before. But if you remain steadfast, the rewards will come from your stepping out on faith, even if you fail! You at least have eliminated an option and are one step closer to success!

As you travel through each phase of your life, embrace the lessons. Embrace the experiences that help you grow and push forward! No regrets! We do the best we can at each moment in time based on our experience, state of mind, knowledge, and direction we are going in at that time. Things change! Good decisions! Bad decisions! Things change. Learn from the past, move forward, keep your eye on the goal, do not look back, seek what is in store, and embrace the journey.

Each time I have stepped out on faith, it has been frightening. Fear of the unknown. But I remained true to the God that I serve. He has never, ever failed me. Life lessons. Hope it helps someone

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