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7 ways to see Beyond the Mask

We have been in this for a minute and it looks like we are going to be in this for a few more minutes. The analogy of a minute vs the literal meaning. Since we have donned the recommended face covering, I’ve noticed a few things. One being misunderstandings. “You know I spoke to her and she didn’t even respond!” The person is now upset with the individual who “didn’t speak.” Self-awareness is important during these times. While we can hear ourselves talk behind a mask, sometimes we may not realize that our voices are not projecting as loudly as we think it is.

One of my growing pet peeves is the demise of communication from person to person in this microwave society we now find ourselves in. On top of that, we now seem to only communicate with our eyes when in public. Have we forgotten also how to wave a warm gesture of hello? Have we forgotten how to nod a warm hello? What is happening to our mode of communication? It distresses so that many relationships have gone up in flames or have been permanently damaged based on the recipient’s interpretation of the method of communication. It seems that on one considers, technology is the culprit! “I sent you 2 text messages and you never responded!” So, I can only assume…… (you can finish the sentence). In the meantime, the recipient could have been plagued with anything from and illness, accident, incident, or just not ever receiving the message on their end! Now granted, I am well aware some of you just plain ignored that text message! You know you did! LoL! We do have to account for that element but by the same token, not assume that to be the norm. I have had this experience. A person highly upset with me about my lack of response to a text message sent. Once I was in their company and showed them my phone, they were humbly apologetic, but the unkind words had already been sprayed into the atmosphere and landed on my soul! A whole scenario based on a text transmitted via technology. Let’s rewind and consider how differently this may have turned out had the person picked up the phone and actually called me. I’ve had that happen to and the outcome has been much better because we were able to work together and follow through on the purpose of the original text message sent. I hope I am not getting to detailed here but the point is, we have to start picking up the phone or get on a video call or some form of actual audio contact and COMMUNICATE! Lord have mercy! I won’t even address the auto text that doesn’t even transcribe what you actually say and THAT sends yet another wrong message! We talk into the phone; it transcribes the text and we hit ‘send.” How many times have I had to go back and correct that thing because it was putting words in my mouth! Sometimes bad words!

Our emotions are triggered by what we see, hear, taste, feel, and smell. Our emotions are triggered by our senses! In this instant society we now find ourselves, we see or hear something, and we respond instantly. In some cases, the information received is inaccurate and we must now live with this response that we now, may regret because it has caused some form of damage in our lives. Ok, I think I’m venting! We have got to be more conscious of what we say, how we say it, when we say it and to whom we say it. Some people, their main tool of communication is texting, because they don’t like to talk! The time lapse in responses creates another layer of back-and-forth interaction based on the assumptions made by the lack of or delayed responses. It’s like we think the other person just spends their day sitting waiting for us to text so they can respond in our time frame! Ok! Ok! I will get off my soapbox and move on!

We look at each other in passing but seldom speak. We make judgement on each other based on the facial expression. What facial expression? We can only see your eyes! This made me think. I need to start smiling with my eyes! Yes! When people see me, they need to see that smile through my eyes. I need to project a “hello!” “how are you today?” Project enough so I can be heard! I also need to make a point to say something nice to my fellow man. We don’t know what is going on in other people’s worlds’ or their minds. I offer a few suggestions on how to improve the way we communicate with each other:

1. Limit the text messaging to short and sweet messages to minimize the misunderstanding until you can actually talk via phone, video, face to face, etc.

2. Refrain from sending a dissertation in a text. Often times, they are so long and if one is recording via voice text, well, we know how very south that can go.

3. If you must relay extensive information, perhaps do so in an email. Especially if documentation of the conversation is needed. I find it very fragile to conduct serious business via text but that’s just me.

4. Call, video, face to face (implementing all proper protocols) and have a clarifying conversation! We often interpret things so differently because we do not all necessarily define things the same.

5. If out in public, we are all masked up, so wave, nod your head or speak a clear “hello how are you” to someone.

6. Smile with your eyes!

7. If you don’t get a response, don’t always assume you are being ignored. Sometimes a person’s mind is elsewhere but they may be staring straight at you! Also, we can always hear ourselves project but are we actually projecting as much as we feel we are?

The words that you speak may be the kindest words a person has heard all day. Beyond the mask, what will your eyes say? How will you use your words to uplift your fellow man? I pray smiling eyes come back to you and uplifting words as well.

I am Paula G Voice! I am a sagacious independent lifestyle influencer. I am embracing my own journey and sharing experiences along the way. I am challenging dreamers to do the same by breathing life into their deferred dreams and living out the reality! It is never too late to embrace your journey and live your dreams! Visit Paula’s Blog at for the full journey.

Mindset Question:

Between broken text messages, emails, and other less than personal means of communication, our relationships have suffered. Can you recall a situation in which a text, or post, or email was misinterpreted and caused conflict?

Lesson Learned:

Be clear in communication. Check for understanding. Make sure you are heard and heard accurately.

Wisdom Challenge:

Make a point to speak to someone you are close to via phone or video at least twice a week as opposed to text, email, etc.

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