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Wisdom is a Journey

Wisdom is a journey. I mean it’s not something that you obtain without growth. It comes with life experiences. The highs, the lows, the mistakes. We reach a certain age in life where we think we are supposed to know certain things, or we are supposed to have experienced certain things. The reality is, we don’t know it all or have experienced it all. And in some cases, we revisit some of those experiences, thinking that we have mastered how to handle those moments. We soon find out that the revisit comes with a new set of lessons learned. Because we are more seasoned and have more experiences, the revisit may feel similar AND the inner feelings may also be the same. However, once we have a chance to assess, we respond and resolve differently. If we haven’t, then perhaps we have not grown in that area. That’s ok because sometimes growth comes in the revisit. Someone once said that we don’t know if we are over something until we are faced with it again. We usually see this in relationships. There may have been some sort of hurt that occurred. It’s only after we are faced with another relationship, is it revealed whether we have grown or healed.

There is a book that speaks to buried feelings remaining alive. We have experiences in which we bury the negative feelings. We don’t deal with them. When we are faced with that same situation in the future, those feelings bubble to the surface and we find ourselves right back where we started…. or do we? Dealing with those life experiences is so vital to our mental health. It’s vital to our growth. We learn, we grow, we gain wisdom! We all have it on some level or another. The question is, do we allow ourselves to grow in that area by living life experiences and gaining on the lessons learned?

I am Lady Wisdom! A sagacious lifestyle influencer, embracing my journey! Sharing experiences along the way! Challenging dreamers to do the same by breathing life into their deferred dreams and living out the reality! It is never too late to embrace your journey and live your dreams!

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