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A Woman's Spirit

Each season there are certain phrases or concepts that prevail. Feminine energy is one of them. Everyone claims to have the absolute definition of feminine energy. Within each woman lies her own definition of feminine energy and within each woman lies the manner in which she demonstrates that energy.

Society has changed so drastically that we often find ourselves walking outside of our energy. We have to take on roles that were not meant to be ours but because of the void, we walk in it! When the time comes for us to yield those energies and allow the feminine energy to generate, we often have forgotten how. We have to fight, daily for our own energy and the temperament that we project. It seems so difficult at times because we become weary, but we have to fight for our feminine energy sometimes.

There are certain things that are instinctual to a woman that often gets misinterpreted. Her need for security sometimes gets misinterpreted as a “gold digger” or one who just wants a man for his money! Now, I know, sometimes that is the case. But most of us just need to feel safe and secure, period. That’s it! Just like a man needs respect, a woman needs to feel safe. When she does, that feminine energy is revealed and she responds to the man in a manner that lets him know, she appreciates his presence.

There are lyrics to a song somewhere that describes they way she walks, and talks, and how that makes the man feel. Ladies, we have to walk in our own truth and embrace our given energy. Your lifestyle or circumstances may make it

difficult for you to do that but if you can find that beautiful, feminine, loving, and nurturing person that resides within, you can embrace her and allow her to flourish. We are often described as being strong, fierce, resilient, bold, brave, and so on. All of those descriptive words can be true but when they overpower the softer gentler side, it may appear that a softer, gentler you, does not exist. We know this not to be true. Feminine energy is about receiving and allowing ourselves to receive unapologetically. It’s about discerning the presence of a man and the energy he generates. It’s about discerning when to yield to the energy he brings to the present. We must love ourselves enough and embrace our femininity so that we can grow and step out into our purpose. You were purposed to do what it is you have been gifted to do and do it in your feminine space. Tap into that feminine energy and embrace that beautiful, vibrant, soft, gentle, lovely, and playful journey.

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