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Energy is Real!

Whether it’s positive, negative, masculine, feminine, energy is real! As we continue to navigate a worldwide pandemic, the solitude has afforded the opportunity to be still and mediate on some things. It has afforded the opportunity to observe, analyze, and gain fresh perspectives on some things. Let me share an experience that may shed some light.

The summer of 2020 was an energy charged summer to say the least. Political unrest, social unrest, a whirlwind of upheaval. I attended a few rally’s throughout the summer and the energy was diverse and positive. The message of John Lewis. The messages of unity, love, and diversity. All of mankind coming together to support causes that affect us all. It was a beautiful thing to see as it gave hope that perhaps we can come together and discuss our differences in a truly peaceful manner.

However, as late afternoon began to fall, the energy in the atmosphere seemed to shift. Can’t explain it tangibly, other than to say that many of us sensed, it was time to leave. Things just didn’t feel right. Upon arriving home, the new reports were heartbreaking as many of the rally’s with the positive energy, the gatherings where all walks of life came together, those same environments turned violent. The positive people with the positive energy were replaced by negative, violent energy. I thought back to the moment when things just didn’t feel right, and it was confirmation that energy is real. Following your instincts, that gut feeling is real. If it doesn’t feel right, go with your feelings, it could be life saving.

Have you ever watched a romantic movie and sensed the energy, the chemistry between the man and the woman on screen!? Usually at the top of the movie, the relationship is no where near romantic BUT you get a sense of chemistry, an energy. Yes, the two seem to be resisting the energy that ultimately brings them together by the end of the movie which usually ends in a wedding. A man will respond to a woman’s energy and vice versa. It’s kind of sweet sometimes. Call me a die hard romantic but I think that we all desire that one love, that one person we can spend the rest of our lives with living in joy. Being conscious of the energy we give off is worth taking note. Sometimes we wonder why people react or respond to us in a manner we don’t understand. Sometimes it may be the energy we are giving off; the energy we may not realize we are giving off. We try to hide what is going on inside of us but sometimes, it seeps out without us realizing it. A facial expression, a tone of voice, body language, it’s all energy that we project. I share these insights not because it’s something I heard, I share these insights because as I journey through this thing called life, experiences are gathered along the way.

I am Lady Wisdom! A sagacious lifestyle influencer, embracing my journey! Sharing experiences along the way! Challenging dreamers to do the same by breathing life into their deferred dreams and living out the reality! It is never too late to embrace your journey and live your dreams!

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