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The Psychology of Dress and How it Affects Behavior! Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? The theme of my thesis! Fashion has always played a role in our society and it does affect our behavior. What we have on or what we choose to where is connected to how we feel about ourselves. The fashion of the 50’s and 60’s was such a classic time period to me! The women dressed elegantly! Capri pants, pencil skirts, the gloves, scarfs, sheath dresses! Many of those looks spilled over into the 1960’s. It was an age where women were coming into their own. Defining who they were! It was a beautiful time for fashion. The clothes were well made. Hidden zippers. Seamless, seamlines. You couldn’t tell where the seams came together! Lined dresses and skirts, which eliminated the need for a slip, although a slip was an essential part of the female wardrobe. That look today is called vintage and many of us seek out those vintage shops that carry those classic pieces that were so well made, many are still in good shape today!

Fashion is fun! Fashion makes you feel good! Fashion makes you look good! Let’s not forget the men! Yes, you all do not have as many options as the ladies, but there are some things that still catches a woman’s eye! I nice, tailored suit. A nice hat! A tuxedo! Do they still wear smoking jackets? You get the picture.

In another reflection I shared how significant elective classes in high school were. I remember taking a sewing class in high school. That also spilled over into college where I majored in Fashion and designed an outfit or two. Needless to say, I can’t fit into either one of them now but the thrill of designing, the thrill of modeling the designs was fascinating! Who remembers Mary Tyler Moore tossing that hat into the air?! Prancing down a busy city street with so much confidence and looking fantastic!

Times have changed, tastes have changed, style has changed. It has become more and more difficult to find those vintage pieces, but the search continues.

We are defined by what we wear whether we feel it is fair or not. Our wardrobe generates a certain perception of who we are and what we do! Wardrobe has personality. It is so interesting to see little girls when they reach the age where they can dress themselves. I think they set the tone for what style they like and their personality. There is something about tutus and cowgirl boots that seems to transcend generations, cultures, and countries. It seems like a universal phase that all little girls go through and they all seem to rock the look! Fashion, one of the fun things in life!

I am Paula G Voice! I am a sagacious independent lifestyle influencer. I am embracing my own journey and sharing experiences along the way. I am challenging dreamers to do the same by breathing life into their deferred dreams and living out the reality! It is never too late to embrace your journey and live your dreams! Visit Paula’s Blog at for the full journey.

Mindset Question:

What decade of fashion most resonates with you?

Lesson Learned:

Fashion can define us in many ways but whatever the style you like, rock it!

Wisdom Challenge:

Embrace your own style!

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