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How to Speak to Your Subconscious

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you think certain things or do certain things? I had a dream once that was really disturbing. As I thought about why I had that particular dream, I had to speak to my subconscious. I discovered that subconsciously there were insecurities there that conjured up anxieties. Anxieties that settled in my subconscious mind and surfaced in my dreams. I really had to take some time to sit and recall some of those past experiences. What I found was that there were so many unresolved feelings. So many suppressed feelings. These feeling manifested in different ways over the years in different ways depending on what was occurring in my life during that time. I was realizing that there were so many things that were never resolved for one reason or another. As a result, I had to cope with them somehow but in the process, anxiety developed. I would have those disturbing dreams that I sometimes could not fully recall but the anxiety lingered. It wasn’t until I really sat down and faced some of those past experiences, that the dream intensity subsided. We spend so much of our time fooling ourselves into thinking “that doesn’t bother me” or “I don’t care.” When in fact we do care, and it does bother us. Sometimes you have to sit with yourself and have those conversations. You all hear me say all the time “the greatest conversation you will ever have is the one that takes place in between your ears…what are you speaking to yourself? My journey from who I was to who I am is a result of the conversation in between my ears. Well actually, several conversations in between my ears.

Our lives are so fast paced that we just go from day to day doing what needs to be done. We don’t always stop or give ourselves the time to process events in our lives, especially the difficult and tragic ones. Some of those unresolved and unprocessed events are the very things that hold us back from blossoming into the fullness of who and what we are! I’m a witness! Reaching a place where you can stop, hold up a mirror and have that difficult conversation with yourself is the first step to unlocking what lies in the subconscious mind. Here are some reflections from my own journey which actually was the inspiration behind my Mindset Journey 5-week course where we unlock the negative mindset and create a new narrative through the activities, audio, and video components of the course. I hope it helps you to unlock a few things. If you wish to share you can do so in the comments below or you can email me You can also email me if you are interested in the transformational course.

What lies in your subconscious and how can you speak to it? I would suggest the following:

Peel Back the layers:

There’s this term I learned in grad school that reflected the value in peeling back the layers. Sometimes, we have to take a journey backwards to determine the origin of some of our thoughts which manifest into adult actions. Adult actions that may not manifest in a good way. Think back to life experiences that impacted you and write them down.

Speak to what you find:

Write down what you recall and make note of the feelings that accompany what you recall. Do you still feel certain emotions? Do you still feel certain physical reactions just by thinking about it? Really take some time to perhaps journal those feeling or physical reactions and ask yourself why, after all this time, you are still feeling that way.

Develop a new narrative:

Now that you have had the opportunity to really examine why you have certain feelings or reactions to these past experiences, begin to think about how you will recall them differently. Is it something you can let go of? It is something you can say to yourself “I’m over it and I’m moving on?”

Our subconscious mind can really drive our present behaviors and it may not always be in a positive manner. We have to take the time to reflect on the source of these behaviors and then determine that we will respond differently in the future. By responding differently in the future, we can find peace, freedom, and possibly a new outlook on life. Embrace the journey.

I am Paula G Voice! I am a sagacious independent lifestyle influencer. I am embracing my own journey and sharing experiences along the way. I am challenging dreamers to do the same by breathing life into their deferred dreams and living out the reality! It is never too late to embrace your journey and live your dreams! Visit Paula’s Blog at for the full journey.

Mindset Question: What words are you speaking over yourself and how are those words affecting your productivity?

Lesson Learned: Sometimes we have to unlock the unconscious mindset and discern how it affects our present

Wisdom Challenge:

Be more aware of your subconscious and how it affects your state of mind.

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