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Hurricane Strong

As men and women, we have our respective strengths, so this is not to suggest that men are not strong. However, there is a quote by the late Betty White which states “Butterflies are like women, we may look pretty and delicate, but baby, we fly through a hurricane.” Butterflies go through transitions as it matures and grows. In one stage of its life, it crawls close to the ground or on leaves of trees. The caterpillar goes through a metamorphosis and emerges as a butterfly. One day the caterpillar spins into a cocoon and a butterfly emerges. A complete transformation. Isn’t that amazing?

Many of us have gone through a metamorphosis. We live life crawling around looking for strength to change our situations. One day we find enough strength and energy to spin ourselves out of our old cocoon. We emerge as butterflies and soar!

Life and what it has to offer comes in seasons. Life can hit us hard. In some cases, we feel as though we are going to crash and burn and some of us do. But we always have the power to experience a metamorphosis type of transformation. We have these moments in life that seem insurmountable showstoppers. But if we look at it through the lens of the caterpillar’s transformation, we see that transformation can occur. We can shed that old skin, the old personas, the old way we used to do things and the old way we used to think. We can take charge of a new conversation in between our ears. A new conversation that speaks life into who we are and who we have the potential to become. It is such a freedom to be able to walk in who you are authentically. We try to “fit in” so much that we become lost in who that person is we are trying to emulate. As the caterpillar transforms into a cocoon there is some spinning that takes place that transforms them into a butterfly. I’d like to think of that spinning as a means of shedding off the old and emerging into the new. It may take a moment to get used to the new but authentic you. But once you get used to that person, what a beautiful feeling it is. It’s almost like you are living in a whole new world. The people around you may not recognize who you are! Butterflies are beautiful creations that come in all distinct colors. They go from flower to flower, tree to tree. Always, landing gently but for a moment and then off to another flower or tree. Our experiences in life are seasonal. Some are but for a moment in time, others are for a lifetime. Either way, transform into who you were truly meant to be and embrace the journey

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