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Name Calling

The “B” word seems to be the standard greeting and reference toward women nowadays, whether it comes from a man or another woman. It seems to roll off the lips like butter and receives no push back or objective. I can honestly say that I have never experienced a man in my life, calling me the “B” word. In this season of my life, that would be a deal breaker. For some of you that may seem silly but for me, yes, it’s that serious. Every man in my life has gotten angry with me at one point or another but that word was never hurled at me! So, it leads me to believe that using it is a choice!

We have such degradation in our society today, it puzzles me as to why we choose to inflict it on each other so casually. I know, there are other words that women are called that are worse, those are awful as well which magnifies this dilemma even further.

Words have power and we often do not realize how they resonate with us.

On another note, I am happy to see the ongoing transition from “dread locs” to “locs.” We often hear them referred to as “dreads.” I am open to feedback on this one, but I can’t find anything positive about the word “dread.” I admit, my hair is in a loc growth pattern but there is nothing that reflects dread!

Words have power! Let’s begin to use our power to uplift each other, encourage each other, and speak life into each other.

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