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New Windows

I recently had new windows installed in the front of my home. I was amazed at how amazed I was by the difference! They are beautiful! As I went from room to room looking out of each window, things looked different. Things looked much clearer! The newer windows are one piece, I mean it’s not the little blocked panes that you see on older homes. A different window gives a different view of what is on the other side. It made me think because you all know, I think too much sometimes. It made me think about how we see things and how, through a different lens or window, we can see those same things so differently. To have the opportunity to change my windows and see differently is refreshing. We have opportunities throughout our lives to look at our circumstances through a different symbolic window or lens. Sometimes that difference can be lifesaving. I have a friend who is battling cancer and her journey reflects how she is viewing her circumstance. She is choosing to look through a different lens. Her journey is still a battle, but she has gotten creative in how she faces every day. How she faces every post chemo day challenge. How she faces the hair loss.

I read a story once about a woman who was critical of her neighbor’s yard. She kept commenting on how they did not do a respectable job of keeping their yard clean. Every day she looked out her kitchen window at the neighbor’s yard and would start to fuss about it needing sprucing up. One day, the woman’s husband decided to clean all the windows in the house. Upon arising the next morning, the woman was delighted that her neighbors had cleaned up their yard. Her husband replied that the neighbors didn’t do anything different to the yard. He just cleaned the window she was looking out of.

We have to be careful how we judge others based on the lens from which we are viewing the world. Life experiences can cause us to have a tainted view of the world around us. It is not until we have a clear lens, that we see things differently. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are dealing with a demanding situation, find a different lens from which to look through. Find a more positive perspective and keep fighting for your joy daily.

I am Lady Wisdom! A sagacious lifestyle influencer, embracing my journey! Sharing experiences along the way! Challenging dreamers to do the same by breathing life into their deferred dreams and living out the reality! It is never too late to embrace your journey and live your dreams!

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