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I am a strong believer in the concept that words have power! Words can damage souls, impact self-esteem, ruin relationships. Harsh words from a woman can bring the strongest man to his knees. Words matter. Release is the theme for my church this year and probably the theme for many places of worship throughout the world.

There has been so much thrown at us throughout our lifetime. Many joys, sorrows, and traumatic experiences. While some have been fortunate enough to have little to no traumatic days, the rest have endured multiple seasons of sorrow and grief. The moment comes where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you choose to release the negative energy. That negative energy can come in the release of persons in our lives. This can be a tricky thing because sometimes the negative energy lies within those that are closest to us. Whether it is cutting off all communication or limiting the access the person has to you, you have to release. How many of us have been hurt at one point in time by a relationship gone sour! We hold on to the anger, the hurt, the pain, and we walk around with all this toxic energy inside of us. The other person has loooong since moved on with their life and here we are, in the swamp of toxic energy. Well, Ladies, and Gentlemen, it is time to get out of the swamp, cleanse, and renew. The release comes by the very fact that you stepped out of the swamp in the first place!”

The word “Release” has resonated with me because I started thinking about all the things, I need to release in order to continue to live a peaceful life of minimal to no stress. I am challenging you to do the same!

For some of us, growing up, we heard “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Who started that lie?! Names do hurt! Harsh words do hurt! They get in between our ears and then seep down to the heart where they sit and ferment. They marinate in our brains and then they manifest in behavior and self-esteem. A well-known pastor encouraged his congregation to not let the negative words of others live in your head. Evict those words and give yourself the space to receive a positive flow of verbal energy that will lift your spirits and empower your being! Perhaps that is his still small voice telling us it is time to release the negative, release the past, release the toxic people. There have been so many sermons and references to this word release, during this season. Perhaps that is God telling us something.

Release and walk into the freedom of owning your own power and flourishing in all your power has to offer. Release, and embrace the journey!

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