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The Manifest

A dream that remains in between your ears will only manifest into a daydream. I am a witness. We have all had dreams. Some of us have taken those dreams out of our heads and have developed a plan to manifest those dreams. The manifestation of dreams begins with changing your thought pattern and how you think about that dream. When the Atlanta Braves won the World Series, many of the players spoke about the journey it took to fulfilling the dream of winning that prestigious game. They dreamed about it, they worked hard to get it, they manifested the dream! That’s how it works. Now, social media may have you believe that it all happens instantly. Prop up the camera on your phone, dance, sing, or do whatever you do. Instant success! No! The longevity of many of our entertainers today comes through years of challenging work, practice, trial, and error. The years that no one sees, that precede the eventual fame and fortune. It may appear that they just popped out of the womb and instantly were professionals or experts in their given areas, but they were not.

We were all created for a purpose. The question is how do you tap into that purpose and what do you do with it when you find it? THAT’S the journey! I found this quote that was labeled “Anonymous.” It stated, “Leap and the Net Will Appear.” Sometimes you have to free fall and let God do the rest. When we walk out of one season of our life and walk into another, it can be a challenge like no other. But it’s a necessary challenge that we have to go through in order to grow!

My own personal journey has been one I never would have imagined. Well, just a little bit but my point is that I am where I am as a result of taking that leap. Dreams have manifested. I dreamed it. I wrote down what would it take to make it a reality. I did the work and took the journey to reality. I am seeing myself in roles that are in alignment with some of those dreams. If feels surreal! I mean I am actually here, living something that I have dreamed about! You can do the same. It’s not just my journey, it’s your journey too! You can live your dreams; you just have to embrace the journey that comes along with those dreams. In 2022 I challenge you to manifest your dreams and flourish!

I am Lady Wisdom! A sagacious lifestyle influencer, embracing my journey! Sharing experiences along the way! Challenging dreamers! It is never too late to embrace your journey and live your dreams!

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